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Our Mission

Technology is shaping the world and it continues to grow at an exponential rate.

Our mission is to serve disadvantaged and rural communities in Africa by implementing programs such as: Mathematics/Mathematical Literacy, Physical Sciences and Coding to disadvantaged school learners.

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Best In Industry

"Our objectives are to offer best quality basic secondary education and to converge knowledge acquisition with skills development. 

We are currently serving poor and disadvantaged communities, with so many non-matriculated youths and many of them attempted several times matric re-writing but without success, mainly because they could and cannot afford private tutor tuition fees. For us to reach as many struggling poor students as possible we need a completely different approach.

We are looking for financial partners who are prepared to support our community tutor tuition programs." George M Chirume

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Tygerhof handing boats

Handing Tanks Boats kits at Tygerhof Primary School in Milnerton, Cape Town.

About Us

Passgrade Learning Centre is a co-educational and Christian based independent school offering small classes. We are accessible to all learners and we welcome learners with learning difficulties as well. 

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Our Subjects

1. Mathematics

This is sub-divided into two branches: Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Literacy, we cater services for both categories, from grade 10 fundamentals to grade 12. We also help varsity students who take mathematics as a module in their course.

2. Coding & Robotics

Computational Logic:

  • Learning how to code without a Computer.

  • We facilitate:

  • Coding workshops

  • After-school and In-school coding classes.
  • 3. Physical Sciences

    This covers Physics and Chemistry, from grade 10 fundamentals to grade 12. We also help university students who are enrolled in the engineering faculty.  

    Success Stories

    I rarely come across real talents and passionate individuals like George. I had the pleasure of knowing George for five years, collaborating on several projects. George's ability to learn and educate simultaneously is amazing. George and his team earns my highest recommendation to partner with.

    - Michael

    Why Choose Us

    11 Years of Experience

    With experience working with students and learners from some of the well known institutions in Africa, we can surely assist your child with their needs.

    Team Of Experts

    Our team is made up of individuals who hold qualifications and certificates in mathematics, sciences, mechanical engineering and Information and Technology.

    3+ Courses

    We offer guidance in mathematics, physical sciences and, coding and robotics.

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