Our Services
Fundamentals of Coding & Robotics

All thanks to our partnership with UNPLUGGED Coding. We will equip you with Digital Literacy Skills & Coding Fundamentals through our: Short Coding videos, Problem solving games activities, Assignments, Advice on programing careers, Printable certificate.

Online Extra Lessons

We make use of Zoom as a medium of tutoring you or your child at the comfort of your own home or wherever you are.

Physical Extra Lessons

We come to your door or you could make use of our learning center for in-person tutoring by a professional.

Our Subjects
1. Mathematics

This is sub-divided into two streams: Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Literacy, we cater services for both categories, from grade 10 fundamentals to grade 12. We also help varsity students who take mathematics as a module in their course.

2. Coding & Robotics

Computational Logic:

  • Learning how to code without a Computer.

  • We facilitate:

  • Coding workshops
  • After-school and In-school coding classes.
  • 3. Physical Sciences

    This covers Physics and Chemistry, from grade 10 fundamentals to grade 12. We also help university students who are enrolled in the engineering faculty.  

    Why Choose Us
    11 Years of Experience

    With experience working with students and learners from some of the well known institutions in Africa, we can surely assist your child with their needs.

    Team Of Experts

    Our team is made up of individuals who hold qualifications and certificates in mathematics, sciences, mechanical engineering and Information and Technology.

    3+ Courses

    We offer guidance in mathematics, physical sciences and, coding and robotics.